Cadillac has been the presidential limousine provider for the past three decades, but now the throne is for the taking. The Secret Service is accepting bids to manufacture a new limo in time for the next president. Offers are only allowed from American car companies because 'Murica. 

Building the limo is split into four phases. After the armor is developed it has to be integrated into the vehicle. From there it goes to validation and testing, and if all is bueno it'll go into production. It'll all take some time, as the Secret Service wants to award the contract and get things going by August 29. 

It's safe to say GM, Cadillac's parent company, is preparing on a bid. While Chrysler has been confirmed, we'd also imagine the other member of the big three, Ford, plans on making a run, too. We wish them all luck. They're only tasked with protecting the most important powerful man in the world. 

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[via Autoblog