Peace to Brian Scalabrine for being the model for greatness, integrity, and the spirit of sport. He's never going to be the greatest of all time—that title will go to the comparatively overrated Michael Jordan. But Scalabrine's lasting legacy will be being one of the most efficient players of all time. In his greatest moment, the White Mamba helped lead Boston to its first championship in over 20 years without playing a single minute in the playoffs. It's one of the decade's greatest moments you didn't see—because he wasn't on the court.

OK, a bit of hyperbole here, but a little more Scalabrine wouldn't hurt. ESPN made the not-so-egregious error of not featuring him in a 30 for 30, so videographer Connor Hough took point and made a trailer for the White Mamba. It doesn't beat the Space Jam spoof—nothing beats the Space Jam spoof—but seeing Julius Erving "praise" Scalabrine is definitely a watchable highlight.

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[via Connor Hough]