Uh oh. Is the hashtag #BrazilProblems going to hit Twitter this summer?

We're not going to panic just yet. But earlier today, the mayor of Porto Alegre—a Brazilian city that's scheduled to host a bunch of World Cup matches—admitted that the city may not be ready in time for the World Cup. The stadium, which is called Estadio Beira-Rio, is still under construction and a number of temporary structures still need to be built outside of the stadium to house members of the media and sponsors. And it sounds like the major problem is that the city has run out of resources and simply cannot afford to build the structures that still need to be built. So the mayor Jose Fortunati has proposed a bill that would exempt companies who are in charge of building the structures from paying tax, which is the only way he can think of to get the job done.

"This is the point which matters in terms of holding the World Cup in Porto Alegre," he said. "If the bill is not voted, we will not have the World Cup in Porto Alegre."

This sounds like it could be a political ploy of some kind. But at this point, there are only a few months left until the start of the World Cup. So Brazil better get it together and figure out a way to get Porto Alegre ready for the Cup. Otherwise, #SochiProblems won't have anything on #BrazilProblems this summer.

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[via Fox Sports]