Chris Bosh turns 30 today, and on behalf of everyone at Complex, we wish him the best. Or at least better than his birthday last year, when his house was robbed of nearly $500,000 of items while he was out celebrating. He's a year wiser now, and hopefully he's learned that it's not smart to have $500,000 worth of anything lying around. 

A wiser Bosh means a more eclectic Bosh, which we certainly welcome. Bosh gets a lot of shit for his dinosaur-like appearance and general softness, but beneath those headlines is a man who's easily one of the NBA's most interesting figures. He's cerebral, cultured, and has a nice weird streak about him—who else in the NBA loves jazz and computer coding, but also owns the league's most expensive home and has a self-made documentary about himself? And those aren't even the most bizarre facts in 30 Things You Didn't Know About Chris Bosh in GIFs.