Nickname: "SS38"
Location: Italy
Fear factor: Highest highest paved road in the East Alps. Consists of 48 hairpin turns in a 15-mile stretch.
Choice ride: Ferrari 458 Speciale

A paved road is no less dangerous than an unpaved one. Ok, so maybe that's not entirely true. But just because Stelvio Pass in Italy is more structured than many of the other dangerous roads around the world, doesn't mean it isn't as challenging as advertised.

At its peak, Stelvio Pass is 9,088 feet high, making it the highest paved road in the East Alps. The elevation, though, isn't the only problem you'll encounter on this treacherous route. The 15-mile stretch of road is riddled with 48 hairpin turns-some of which feature hair-raising 180-degree corners. One wrong move and you could find yourself going over the low concrete barrier and down the side of the Alps. Fortunately for you, you showed up in a Ferrari 458 Speciale.

Dangerous or not, this road deserves to be enjoyed. And the best way to enjoy it is in a 458 Speciale. Ok, so you could potentially make the drive in a variety of cars, but you're in Italy. So why not roll up in one of the best cars the Italians have to offer? A faster (and louder) take on the 458 Italia, the Speciale has the low center of gravity and handling that will make one of the most dangerous roads feel like a cake walk. Sure, you'll have to hit the breaks when you come to a turn, but there are stretches where you'll be able to hear the roar of the nearly 600-horsepower engine. These guys took a 458 to Stelvio Pass, and the results speak for themselves. Just remember, because of its potential danger during bad weather, the road is only open from June to September-the perfect months to pull the Ferrari out of the garage.