At first this Super Bowl travel package sounds absurd. Who could afford $100,000 to travel to MetLife Stadium by private jet, private helicopter, and luxury car? Oh yeah, the people who can afford to go to the Super Bowl in the first place. Tickets start at, what, $50,000 this year? 

Tickets actually start at $1,500 on StubHub, so realistically very few people (if any) will spring for this package. Those that do will get the "ultimate" travel experience, which includes flight attendants that'll dress like your favorite team's cheerleaders and a meal prepared in-air by celebrity chef Andy Choi. The private jet will even pick you up anywhere in the world, although that could make the price jump from $100,000, depending on where you are. 

The game starts soon, so you better get your cash stacked quick. Otherwise you'll be stuck going to the game like a peasant. Or you just won't go at all. 

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[via Roadtrippers]