The Clubman, in the past, has thrown the perfect Mini proportions out the window in order to fit in two half doors behind the regular doors and look like a hipster's breadvan. Today, however, Mini has sent us a few photos of the new Clubman, which will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Rather than half-assed half doors, this is sporting four full-sized doors on its flanks. Better still, it's also been equipped with the much loved, if somewhat annoying in practice, rear "barn doors." That means that this tiny car has an impressive six doors. Even if we count the hatch, as if we were Europeans, a Range Rover LWB only has five. 

What's really important here, for parents who miss their pre-child Minis, is that the Clubman's extra doors no longer look awkward on the new Mini's slightly larger frame.

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[via Mini