The delivery truck that you see above doesn't look like anything special. It looks like a truck that would be used to haul fish or newspapers or something else that isn't all that exciting. But the truth is that the truck that you see above is special—and it's actually helped save quite a few lives.

The truck was purchased by Edgar Rodas, the former Ecuadorian minister of health, about two decades ago in California. He did $75,000 worth of upgrades to it with some help from General Motors, outfitted the back of the truck with everything he would need to perform emergency surgeries on people, and took it to Ecuador. And since then, he has helped perform more than 7,000 surgeries all throughout Ecuador with his Cinterandes Foundation. Here's a glimpse of what goes on in the delivery truck today thanks to Rodas' efforts:

Pretty impressive, eh? We would say so. To read more about the truck, head over here. It's pretty amazing what Rodas has been able to do thanks to a delivery truck that doesn't look like anything special.

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[via Business Insider]