Early last week, former NFL quarterback Jared Lorenzen made tons of headlines on the Internet thanks to this photo that surfaced from a Continental Indoor Football League game that was played last weekend:

It seems Lorenzen—who won a Super Bowl ring with the New York Giants back in 2007—has ballooned to 320 pounds. However, he contains to play quarterback for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters. And his weight helped him go viral with thousands and thousands of people tweeting out the photo above and trying to figure out how a 320-pound man plays QB.

But unfortunately, it appears as though Lorenzen's 15 minutes of Internet fame are going to end a bit prematurely. Because during a CIFL game over the weekend, he got hit with a low tackle and went down hard. And later, he revealed that he sustained a broken leg and will have to undergo surgery on it sometime soon:

What a blow to his football career. Hopefully Lorenzen can come back better (and possibly bigger?) than ever after recovering from his leg injury.

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[via USA Today]