When he came out of the University of Kentucky in 2004, Jared Lorenzen was listed at 6'4" and 285 pounds. Clearly, Lorenzen wasn't the average size of a quarterback or a football player at any skill position. Still, the New York Giants took a chance on the Hefty Lefty and the experiment last three years from 2005-2007. After one more stint in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts, Lorenzen was never to be seen from again...until today when Twitter user Kyle Scott caught a glimpse of Lorenzen warming up with some of his North Kentucky River Monsters teammates. It's quite the sight, no? You know how quarterbacks tend to have the wristband that has plays on them? Okay, now you know which one is Lorenzen. 

Lorenzen is well on his way to a TLC special...or maybe another shot at the NFL! Check out some of his work on the field. No, really, LOOK AT HIM! 

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[via Kyle Scott]