Is it possible that something which lasts only a couple of seconds could basically sum up a team's entire first half of a season? Absolutely! For example, during a game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat in late January, the camera caught a glimpse of Kobe Bryant after LeBron James made a rather uncontested layup on Nick Young and all the Black Mamba could do was roll his eyes then shake, rub and scratch his head in frustration. Laker fans know that reaction all too well at this point, seeing as the Lake Show are currently catching Ls at a premium to the tune of a 18-35 record by the All-Star break

So, we have searched far and wide, through sports and even pop culture, to get that special GIF which could perfectly encapsulate the first 40-plus games for every franchise in the L. From the disaterous Knicks season to the disaster that has been the Anthony Bennett experiment in Cleveland, here's One GIF That Can Sum Up the First Half of the 2013-14 Season for Every NBA Team

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