It turns out that being in the Harry Potter series pays off, even if it doesn't pay you enough to buy a Lamborghini. Earlier this month Tom Felton, the actor who played Draco Malfoy, was spotted driving a Lamborghini Aventador around Los Angeles. He revealed on Conan last night that Lamborghini let him borrow the Aventador while he's in town. 

Conan asked Felton what it's like to drive in a car "that crazy and expensive" because he never has, which... hold up. Homeboy makes $12 million a year and doesn't know what it's like to drive a Lambo? His accountant needs to tell him to stop playing it safe. 

Felton said the Aventador was like a spaceship. He also said he took the spaceship to run errands, drive some friends around, and to In-N-Out, where the supercar sat way too low for a normal drive-thru experience. Problems, right? 

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[via Jalopnik

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