So, who foresaw the Seattle Seahawks dismantling the Denver Broncos the way they did at Super Bowl XLVIII? Oh, stop it, Seahawks fans! Obviously, The 12th Man wanted to see their 'Hawks win it and take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the first time in franchise history, but there's no way anyone could've predicted that the final score would be a lopsided 43-8. No. Way.  

Anyway, as it always seems to go, once that clock struck zero, Seahawks fans (and Broncos haters) couldn't wait to hop on their favorite micro-blogging social media site and kick Denver and their followers while they were already down with some slick, verbal jabs, even after they witnessed such a horrendous beatdown at the hands of the 'Hawks defense at MetLife Stadium. But, of course, as Desus taught us, you gotta hear both sides.

So, in addition to all the Denver hate, we have a sprinkle of Seahawks slander with a dash of "WTF was Joe Namath wearing?" Now, without further ado, here's The Broncos Sucked at Super Bowl XLVII and Twitter Was Unsympathetic.