What would you do if you accidentally drove into a freezing creek in the middle of nowhere with no one around and couldn't get out of your vehicle? If you answered that question with anything other than "FREAK THE $#@^ OUT!" you're lying.

That's what an 88-year-old man faced recently, though, when he accidentally lost control of his truck, rolled down a hill, and landed sideways in a creek in Collier Township, Pa. He broke his leg in the accident and couldn't free himself from his vehicle. He was also sitting in darkness and was completely hidden from the road, which gave him little to no chance of surviving. But he managed to sit there and wait to see if someone would come along and rescue him.

Fortunately, help did eventually arrive. Somewhat miraculously, a police officer happened to drive down the desolate road where the man had lost control of his truck and noticed the tire tracks he had left in the snow when he did it. The officer pulled over, walked down the embankment to where the truck was, and found the man alive, nearly four hours after he got into an accident.

"He was a strong man," the officer said later. "He was very strong to be sitting there for that amount of time."

Ya think? After 15 minutes, we would have been done. We're just glad that everything worked out for him in the end.

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[via WTAE]