Is it just us, or is Mother Nature being a real bitch right now?! It's freezing—well, technically, below freezing—up and down the East Coast. It's snowing in, like, 37 states at the moment (give or take a few). And in general, the weather sucks.

The weather really sucks if you're a truck driver trying to make your way through the Midwest. Due to snow, ice, and record-low temperatures, truckers have been having a hell of a time navigating across Midwestern states in recent days. And it's gotten so bad in Indiana that one truck stop in Fort Wayne saw hundreds of truckers and their trucks stranded on Sunday and Monday. Many ran out of gas, many found their brake lines frozen, and many were missing important deliveries because of the weather.

Take a look at just how bad things have been in the video above. Those guys were stuck in -13 degree weather for days! Remember that today when you complain about having to step outside for two minutes.

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[via Indiana News Center]