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We would imagine that stealing something from a moving truck—as in, a truck that's in motion—would be difficult. Very, very difficult. And yet, a band of thieves reportedly just managed to steal more than $95,000 worth of Apple products from a truck that was traveling through Germany earlier this week on its way from the Netherlands to the Czech Republic.

So how did the thieves do it? Well, take a look at the reenactment that N-TV in Germany put together in the photo above. According to a report, the thieves first used an SUV to match the speed of the truck, which was traveling down a highway in Germany. Then, they sent someone to climb out onto the hood of the SUV and cut the lock off the back of the truck. And finally, they entered the truck and grabbed what they could. In total, they made off with seven pallets of Apple products, including 125 iPads, four iPad minis, 30 iPhones, and two Apple keyboards. It was quite a haul.

Still, can you imagine what would have happened if something had gone wrong here?! For instance, what if the truck driver had tapped his brakes? What if the driver of the SUV slipped up for just a second and accelerated into the back of the truck? Or what if someone drove up next to the SUV and saw what was taking place and tried to stop it? This had disaster written all over it, and it's amazing that no one ended up getting hurt.

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[via Mac Life]