Metta World Peace has sent out some really bizarre tweets on Twitter in the past. In fact, just about every tweet that he's ever sent out has been bizarre in one way or another. But yesterday, he took things to a whole other level as he sent out a series of really, really, really bizarre tweets on a variety of subjects. It was almost like he broke into one of the bottles of Henny that he used to keep in his locker, opened up his Web browser, and went to town.

He started off his New Year's Day with this tweet:

Then, he followed that up with this:

That led to this:

And this:

And then things started to get weird:

And weirder:

And…wait, what?!

This sort of explains things (we guess):

But yo, someone get this dude off Twitter:

No, really:



You get the point. World Peace's tweets were all over the place and really strange, even by his standards. He didn't explain any of his tweets, either. He simply ended the night by tweeting this:

And retweeting this:

Hmmm...Did he do all of that just to get us to listen to his music?! Whatever the reason, it was all very strange. Happy new year, Metta.


Just FYI, it looks like World Peace is going to have just as much fun on Twitter today as he did yesterday, judging by his first tweet of the day:


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[via Metta World Peace]