Even though his name is Metta World Peace—emphasis on the World Peace—MWP is no stranger to getting into fights on the basketball court. In fact, anytime we hear about a fight that took place during an NBA game, we automatically think, "Crap, is Ron, er, Metta OK?!?" It's pretty much become instinctive at this point.

But the other night, there was an NBA fight that took place that didn't involve World Peace. It would have involved him if he had decided to re-up with the Lakers last summer instead of flying across the country to sign with the Knicks. But since he did decide to head home last year, he wasn't around to see Nick Young's epic battle with, well, practically the entire Suns team on Wednesday night. If you missed it, you can watch it here:

That being said, World Peace wasn't there when the fight took place, but he does know what everyone was thinking during the fight. So he jumped on Twitter early this morning and did a full analysis of it.

He started by explaining what Nick Young really wanted to do when he stepped to Alex Len:

Then he explained that something got lost in translation when Young first came at Len:

Then he explained that the whole fight could have been avoided if Young had just squared off with Goran Dragic and done some dancing:

Then, for whatever reason, he blamed Pau Gasol for being an instigator:

Then, he managed to work a Fat Joe reference into the mix:

Then, he threw in a shot at the media:

And finally, he explained why the fight eventually broke out:

There you have it, folks! World Peace knows why that fight broke out and what could have prevented it: DANCING! So the next time you need something explained to you:

Holler at World Peace. Oh, and also:

Wait, is he done talking about sports now?!

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[via Metta World Peace]