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Last week, we ran a list of the greatest NFL beast mode runs of all time on the anniversary of Marshawn Lynch's now-legendary touchdown run against the Saints back in January 2011 that caused a minor earthquake to take place. And over the weekend, Lynch gave us yet another incredible run to add to that list.

The run, which came at the end of the Saints/Seahawks playoff game on Saturday afternoon, wasn't anywhere near as exciting as the one that he was a part of in 2011. But seismologists believe that Lynch's run on Saturday may have caused yet another earthquake to take place underneath of Seattle's CenturyLink Field. They are currently doing some additional testing to see if an earthquake did, in fact, occur. But early readings seem to indicate that Lynch caused an even bigger earthquake to take place this time around.

If Lynch did cause another earthquake to take place, how incredible is that? That's a hell of a thing to put on your résumé...twice. We also can't imagine what's going to take place at CenturyLink Field next weekend if Lynch manages to bust off a big run against the 49ers. Can you?!

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