When Kobe Bryant went down with a fracture in his left knee back in December, the thought was that he would be out until the 2014 NBA All-Star break. The Lakers and their fans were hoping that Kobe could come back sooner. But the All-Star break seemed like a realistic time for Kobe to make his return. However, it sounds like even that might be a bit of a long shot now.

According to Bleacher Report, Kobe has experienced some pain in his left knee in recent weeks and it's been discovered that the fracture in it hasn't completely healed yet. So unfortunately, he's going to be out at least two more weeks and could possibly miss the next month of the 2013-14 NBA season. It all depends on how quickly Kobe's knee heals.

At this point, does it even matter? We want to see Kobe return simply because we don't know how many more nationally-televised Lakers games we can watch without Kobe. But the Lakers have gone 4-16 since he went down with an injury, and it doesn't look like things are going to get any better in Laker Land anytime soon. So Kobe might as well take his sweet time.

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[via Bleacher Report]

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