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And then there were four. In a one-and-done playoff system that breeds unpredictability (and undeserving champs, by proxy) it's hard to argue that this season's final quartet didn't get it right. These are the two best teams in each conference. We're not sure if that enhances, or diminishes, the drama. Seeing an underdog make a run is always compelling. We've seen it several times in the past few years. That's what this postseason is missing. Its name is Eli. We got to admit, we miss Eli in the playoffs. That's because he morphs from league clown to Tom Brady's dad on the biggest stage in sports.

Without his participation we can at least enjoy his expertise. And with his constant stream of Eli faces, he's bound to be a natural for the booth when he's done on the field. So let's listen to the most made fun of two-time Super Bowl Champ in history. Here's his predictions, and winners, based on his firsthand experience acquired in both his title runs. Here Eli predicts the AFC and NFC Title Games.