By now you know that LeBron James has got a possible step dad on the way in 31 year old aspiring rapper Da Real Lambo (real name Arthur Lambright). After a little over a year of courting LeBron's mom Gloria, Lambright won her heart and now LeBron's got to spend countless holidays with a dude who ostentatiously brags about his own money, through a surrogate. 

Still, Lambright has one of the craziest Instagram feeds on the Internet. His feed has a lot of range, showing his travels, wealth, and trying his best to create an image in an industry where people would kill for this exposure. In one picture he's praising god with a misspelled caption. In another he's praising Scarface with a misspelled caption. However, it all comes back to a central tenet, which is money. Presumably, somebody else's money.

On one hand, he's living that good life. How can we hate on that? After spending five years in the joint you might as well make up for lost time. If LeBron's mom is happy, then we're happy. On the other hand, his account seems to define oblivious. His total lack of self-awareness in the fact that he's spending someone else's money, publicly, without acknowledgment is a site to behold. It's like bumming off your trust fund and boasting to the "little people" about it. All the hash tags of #grinding and #working, don't make up for the fact that if you fail you still get to live off the greatest basketball player on Earth. The endorsement residuals alone are enough to make a slideshow maker jealous.

Either way we wish the couple luck (no joke) and remind everyone of the old idiom "There's no such thing as bad publicity." Here's some Life Lessons From Da Real Lambo's Instagram. Some of us needed some guidance. And we got to say, thanks for the push in the right direction. Even if it's done in a way that's confusing as fuck to comprehend.

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