Today we were lucky enough to have the man behind the greatest sitcom of all time conduct a Reddit AMA. As you can imagine, there were a lot of questions and gushing about Seinfeld. But that wasn't all that he discussed. Seinfeld also talked about his love of cars and his current project that we can't get enough of, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. We sorted through the discussion to share the 5 Things We Learned about Jerry Seinfeld and His Cars from His Reddit AMA.

If he could have anyone not living on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, it would be Charlie Chaplin in a Duesenberg.

Seinfeld didn't say which Duesenberg model, however. Before shutting down in 1937, the American luxury car manufacturer produced four different vehicles. Here's the most popular, the Model A. 

The car Seinfeld wishes he owned is a Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar Rallycar.

At the 1986 Paris Dakar Rally, two Porsche 959s killed the competition and finished first and second. These Porsches are extremely rare and aren't US-legal, so that explains why Seinfeld hasn't gotten his hands on one.


He doesn't like to have too many of the same or similar cars. 

Not like he couldn't afford to do so. A Reddit user asked Seinfeld about a 1967 Porsche 906E he used to own but sold because he had a similar 907. 


He doesn't like to race.

Despite his love for cars and that he's been on a track, Seinfeld's never been in a race and doesn't plan to. "I don't want to be faster than somebody else, that seems like a psychological problem," he said. 

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee was inspired by a road trip from Albuquerque to the Hamptons. 

Seinfeld and his friend Barry Marder, who wrote Letters from a Nut under the pseudonym "Ted L. Nancy," picked up in Albuquerque a 1967 VW Bug that Seinfeld bought on eBay and drove all the way to the Hamptons. We can only imagine how hilarious the conversation was in that 2000-mile drive.