Renault, engine suppliers to four time champion F1 team Red Bull Racing, has unveiled the new 2014 engine. Not only is this significant because Vettel is relying on this sophisticated piece of machinery in order to secure a fifth consecutive championship. 

The new engine is a direct injected 1.6L turbocharged V6 hybrid with a 15,000 rpm redline. The hybridization comes in the form of an system that captures energy from both the exhaust and braking. The result of all of this is 760 hp which, from an engine only slightly larger than a Honda Fit's, is awesome. 

One of the more difficult restrictions is that cars are only allowed 100 kg of fuel per racing, meaning that this engine is limited, and will only consume 100kg/hr at the maximum. Hit up the rest of the article for Renault's detailed breakdown of what's going on here.

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[via Renault]