Not every NBA player is going to be LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, or Kevin Durant. In order for there to be stars there must be role players as well, guys who do one thing particularly well use that one skill as their meal ticket. While they aren’t relied upon to carry the team night in and night out, they are expected to at least contribute in a meaningful way to the team’s overall success. But all role players are not created equal, and some are completely inept at even the most simple of jobs.

Watching some players manage to get substantial time on the court and yet appear completely and utterly inept has us wondering if maybe we could play in the league. OK, probably not. But nevertheless, these players come from all manner of backgrounds: some are rookies trying to adjust to the pro games, some are veterans on the downside of their careers, and some are formerly-promising young players who never quite made it. Let’s take a look at the Worst Player on Every NBA Team Roster.

*To qualify, a player had to have appeared in at least 10 games and averaged at least 10 minutes per game. All salaries courtesy of, all stats as of 12/13/13

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