Even though he's a Cowboys fan, LeBron James was intrigued when he saw Eagles running back/NFL rushing leader LeSean McCoy carrying around a wrestling belt after Philadelphia beat Dallas last night:

So King James took to his Twitter account to pose a simple question:

And he received all sorts of responses. Broncos linebacker Shaun Phillips told him that he knows a guy who could make him one:

Someone else told him that Stephanie McMahon might be able to score him one:

And wrestler CM Punk hit him with this wisecrack:

But seeing as how today is LeBron's 29th birthday—HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEBRON!—former WWE heavyweight champion The Rock took things one step further. Rather than telling LeBron where to get a belt or sending him a link to the WWE website, The Rock stepped up and offered to give LeBron one of his championship belts:

So far, there's been no response from LeBron. But what can we say? It's good to be King.

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[via The Rock]