This video has everything, and we're sure Michael Bay is already trying to get the movie rights. It has a car chase, it has a man in a dark jacket brandishing a knife, it has comedic slips, it has a car crash, it has a surprising elderly badass delivering a righteous shovel beating, and, of course, it's set in Russia. 

Now we just want to know why Mr. Black Jacket was chasing Mr. Elderly Badass. Perhaps it's:

  • Mr. Elderly Badass is fleeing from secret agents after uncovering a plot to make Putin the premiere dancer of the Mariinski Ballet.
  • Mr. Elderly Badass was spotted putting up "the gayest poster of all time" and is being attacked by a homophobe.
  • Mr. Elderly Badass needs to deliver a replacement heart to Leon Trotsky, who is alive again after a bizarre medical experiment, but in critical condition, but an opposing group lead by Zombie Stalin wants him dead, again.

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[via YouTube