We're not exactly sure how this happened. But during the current college football season, Rich Homie Quan's hit single, "Type of Way," turned into the unofficial anthem for the Michigan State Spartans football team and, more specifically, their head coach Mike Dantonio. First, Dantonio danced to "Type of Way" after Sparty defeated Michigan in a big game:

He also went wild to the song after a game against Nebraska:

Now, it sounds like Michigan State has plans to make their unofficial anthem official. Because according to Rich Homie Quan himself, the Spartans are going to make the Atlanta-based rapper part of their Rose Bowl plans.

"I want to be out there in a green jersey and feel a part of Michigan State," he told MLive.com recently. "I want to be at the game, I want to be out there with them. I feel a part of Michigan State now, and you don't even know what it means to me."

Rich Homie Quan didn't say exactly what he'll be doing during the Rose Bowl. But he did mention that there is some kind of plan in place that will see him doing something for the team before, during, or (hopefully!) after the game. That got you feeling some type of way?

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[via MLive]