Do you want to have a special bond with the receiver who once mooned a crowd full of Packers fans? Since you're never going to become BFFs with Randy Moss, you should do the next best thing and buy his old Lexus GS400 on eBay

Moss bought the 1999 Lexus following his Rookie of the Year season in 1998. Not satisfied with its boring white paint job, he had it painted to show off his "purple pride." It's since become a daily driver for Moss' former agent, who's now selling it for charity. Don't let the 145,000 miles on it scare you, THIS IS A PIECE OF HISTORY. The current bid is $3,200, or you can buy it now for $7,500.  And the best part: you don't need to pay for it in straight cash. You can use PayPal, homie.

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[via Busted Coverage