Last Tuesday, we told you all about Luke Aker, an Orlando-based filmmaker who created a ridiculous luxury car commercial for his 1996 Nissan Maxima. He posted the Maxima—which has 160,000 miles on it—on Craigslist earlier this year and then created the commercial when he realized that it was going to be tough for him to sell it. And thanks to the commercial, we told you about how he did sell it. But at the time, we didn't know who he had sold it to.

As it turns out, Nissan actually stepped up and purchased the 17-year-old car from Aker when they heard about his commercial. And they paid way more than the $900 that he was asking for it. They actually paid $2400 for the Maxima with $1400 of that money going to Aker and $1000 of it going to The Wounded Warrior Project. Aker accepted their deal quickly when someone from Nissan called him about it.

"It was just too good to pass up," he said. "I think [the Nissan representative who called me] enjoyed the video as much as anyone else did."

If you still haven't seen the video, check it out in the clip above. If you're trying to sell a beater on Craigslist right now, this might be the way for you to go.

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[via Orlando Sentinel]