The Ford Model T is notoriously difficult to drive. It has three pedals, but they don't do what you think they do. The left pedal engaged the selected gear, while the middle pedal was used to select a gear. Fully depressed, the car was in low gear, if it was partially depressed the car was in neutral, and fully released was how to get into the high gear. It would only enter the high gear if the throttle, as controlled by a lever on the steering wheel, was fully forward, however.

When in neutral, the middle pedal engaged the reverse gear (somehow) and the right pedal operated the transmission brake, since there were no wheel brakes. 

Automotive history enthusiasts can now learn how to do all of this crap at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, MI for $95, or $85 for museum members. 

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[via Gilmore Car Museum