In today's dumbass car design news: the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is an overall attractive vehicle, but it has one major flaw (two if you count the $3.75 million dollar price tag). Even for a brand known for its low cars, the Sesto Elemento's lack of clearance is a little ridiculous. In this video, one of the pricey luxury rides is being transported to the Lamborghini London showroom. They slowly drive it down a ramp onto the street and then attempt to back it into the store. The only problem is that the nose of the car is too low and there is a slight incline near the showroom door. A couple men from the team have to physically lift the front end of the Sesto Elemento to avoid scratching it.

This pretty much rules out drive-ins, parking garages, speed bumps, or any road that may have plastic bottles or one inch pebbles on it. Regardless of what you may have been told, a couple inches makes a difference.

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[via Autoevolution]