J.R. Smith is a shooter. And as my old high school basketball coach (who, coincidentally, was also J.R. Smith's high school basketball coach for a few months, but that's another story for another day…) used to say, shooters shoot. So last night against the Bucks, J.R. Smith shot. Like, a lot. In fact, he shot so much that someone created this handy-dandy shot chart after the game to illustrate just how many shots Smith took in Milwaukee on Wednesday:

A few things we took away from this shot chart: 

  1. J.R. Smith is not a big fan of shooting inside the three-point line.
  2. But he is a big fan of shooting outside the three-point line.
  3. So he took 17—yes, 17!—three-point shots last night.
  4. And of those 17 shots, J.R. Smith made just 5. Talk about shooting without a conscience!

Naturally, Knicks fans were not happy about this chart. And although the Knicks ended up winning (despite this), they let Smith know about it on Twitter after the game:

But here's the funny thing: Smith didn't even know how many three-pointers he had taken against the Bucks until Knicks fans let him know about it on Twitter. So this is how he responded to all of those fans:

And guess what? He also let the fans know that he's not going to stop shooting anytime soon:

So tweet at him all you want. But this is all you're going to get:

J.R. Smith is a shooter, people!

So you might as well go ahead and pencil him in for 18 three-pointers against the Grizzlies on Saturday.

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