Back in 2003, LeBron James made tons and tons and tons of headlines thanks his Hummer H2. Specifically, he came under lots of scrutiny from, well, everyone because he was driving a $50,000 Hummer despite the fact that he was a high school basketball player living in public housing in Akron, Ohio. People assumed that a sports agent had helped him obtain the sick ride. Even though he was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing—as it turned out, a local car dealership had given his mother Gloria James a loan for the Hummer because the dealership saw the earning potential that LeBron had—the Hummer was a major source of controversy for LeBron. And now, you can own the Hummer H2 that caused all of that controversy.

The Hummer—which looks a lot different today than it did back in 2003 when LeBron first bought it—is currently for sale on eBay. The truck's current owner has listed a "Buy It Now" price of $64,800 for the Hummer. And though the Hummer has received 34 bids as of this morning, the reserve price for the H2 has not been met yet. So when the auction ends in approximately two days, there's a chance that the owner won't part ways with it.

Check out some photos of LeBron's former ride in the thumbs gallery above. Would you pay more than 60 grand for a used 2003 Hummer simply because it was once owned by LeBron James?

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[via Sporting News]

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