Apparently, SEC football isn't life or death in the South. It's life and death.

On Saturday afternoon, the Auburn Tigers defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide after a wild finish at Auburn's Jordan-Hare Stadium. Following the game, there was a huge celebration that featured thousands of excited Auburn fans storming the field. And in all of the excitement, it sounds like someone sprinkled a bunch of ashes on the field in order to honor the last wishes of a diehard Auburn fan. Auburn officials haven't been able to confirm if those ashes are, in fact, human ashes just yet. But they suspect that they are.

"It happens a lot more than you think," Scott McElroy, an associate professor for turfgrass and weed science at Auburn, said late yesterday. "People want their final resting place to be Jordan-Hare Stadium…You don't know if it's human. Hopefully it's not. Hopefully it's someone's long loved pet."

Either way, the remains will not be able to stay on the field. According to McElroy, ashes are bad for grass and can contaminate soil. So Auburn's grounds crew has already removed both the ashes and the patch of grass that they were found on from the stadium to prevent contamination from taking place. But how crazy is it that someone actually dumped ashes on the field at Jordan-Hare Stadium in the first place?! Clearly, they take their college football very seriously in the South…even in death.

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[via AL]