Christmas in the city is a wondrous experience. The trees on every corner, the lights lacing every door, the soldiers guarding each business, and the cookie-stuffed holiday markets all make for a feeling that you're living inside of a movie. But while all of the cheery decorations make for a beautiful sight, the struggle of getting from company party to ugly sweater celebration is at its pinnacle. Snow quickly turns to salty black grime, sidewalks become treacherous Home-Alone-like ice traps, and blustery snowfall makes it seem like there are little elves on top of each skyscraper aiming directly for your eyeballs. So, to get to your destination,  you'll just take a cab, right?

Good luck with that. You have a better shot at getting Book of Mormon tickets for Christmas Eve. But that's where Uber comes in, a personal car service that will pick you up wherever you're trapped that you book by phone call or app. As the first day of Complex's five days of Christmas, we'd like to offer you the chance to win a $100 ride credit.

We've partnered with Uber and we'll be selecting five winners at the end of the week. Anyone who enters and is new to Uber will even get a $20 ride credit. Get on it and check it out here: