As part of their new "Hear What You Want" campaign, Beats By Dre has teamed up with several professional athletes to shoot commercials aimed at showing just how effective Beats headphones are at blocking out unwanted noise. Their first commercial, starring Kevin Garnett, started airing last month and featured KG walking through a crowd of angry fans who were spewing (and throwing!) all kinds of things at him as Aloe Blacc's "The Man" played through his headphones. It was a pretty dope concept and definitely helped sell the headphones as more than just a cool accessory that all athletes seem to be wearing these days.

However, the latest Beats commercial featuring an athlete is not sitting well with one specific fan base. Why? Well, in a clip that was released earlier this week, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is seen sitting on a bus outside of the Seahawks' CenturyLink Field. And the Seahawks fans are giving him absolute hell. They're throwing stuff at the bus. They're yelling and screaming. They're holding up derogatory signs. And at one point, some chick even gives Kaep the finger. And—surprise!—Seattle fans aren't happy about the way that they're portrayed in the commercial. So they took to Twitter earlier this week when the commercial was first released to show their disgust with what they saw:

They also threatened to boycott the Beats By Dre brand because of the commercial:

And that seemed to bring a smile to the faces of 49ers fans. As you know, the Seahawks and Niners have a bit of a rivalry brewing right now—a really, really, really intense rivalry—and both sides hate each other. So when San Fran fans realized how pissed off Seahawks fans were about the commercial, they had a field day with it:

It's a good thing that these two teams don't play this week. Because if they did, there's no telling what might happen out on the field—or, more importantly, in the stands. There's a chance that they could play in the playoffs, though. And if they do? Oh boy.

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