We've shared some of Fabian Oefner's awesome photography in the past, including his "Black Hole" series in which he took high speed photographs of an electrical drill covered in vibrant paint. This time, Oefner went for a more tedious project, dissecting model cars to create photos that resemble a Nychos mural with each part suspending in air. Included in the "Disintegrating" project are photos of a model Jaguar E-type, Mercedes-Benz 300SL, and a Ferrari 330 P4, each of which we are glad were not the full-sized vehicles. 

In another project entitled "Hatch" which is also included in the video below, Oefner created what appear to be plaster replicas of the cars, including a Ferrari 250 GTO . and photographed the originals as if they were being chicks emerging from their shells. We wish that the video featured an audio track, but the HD visuals are still worth seeing.

Fabian Oefner- Hatch and Disintegrating- Making of from MB&F on Vimeo.

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