What do you drive? Whatever it is, we can guarantee that it's not half as cool as the Lego car that a couple guys named Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida just built.

The life-size Lego car, which was built using 500,000 Lego pieces, contains a Lego engine that uses nothing but air to power the car. And despite the obvious limitations that that brings, the car still tops out at a speed of 20 mph. Sammartino and Oaida are a little bit weary about driving it that fast—they're afraid of the inevitable "giant Lego explosion" that might follow—but as you can see in the clip above, they have driven the Lego car and it looks like it drives pretty well.

Would you drive in the Lego car? Or better yet, would you spend countless hours assembling 500,000 Legos into the shape of a car? We highly doubt it. And because of that, you'll never have a ride that turns as many heads as this one undoubtedly does.

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[via Gizmodo]