It's been a full day since the official photos and launches and debuts of a the 2015 Ford Mustang. We now know that it'll have three powertrains, what the convertible looks like, what "global" sports car styling looks like, and what the Chevy Camaro has to beat. So what do we think? 

By Tony Markovich (@T_Marko) and Stirling Matheson (@SZMatheson)

The three bars in the headlights are a really cool way to call back to the first generation.

Heritage without retro, just like we said. Nice work, Ford. 

Praise the Lord, it has independent rear suspension.

We mentioned that this was something that needed to happen in order to take the 'Stang to the next level, and Ford finally made the jump. Sorry, drag racers. 

Hopefully, the transmission is tuned well. We still would have liked to see a dual-clutch.

It's quite odd that a 300-horse turbo-four and a 300-horse, naturally aspirated V6 are both being offered.

The turbo even has more torque and will get better gas mileage.


That butt looks kinda weird.

Everybody we've talked to thus far is in agreement that the front looks pretty great. It's the back that people question. The 3D taillights are a nifty little trick, but the overhang looks a little strange. 

It draws a lot of comparisons to other cars.

Almost every comment on the Internet right now is one of three categories: 1. "Looks great!" 2. "Meh." 3. "That looks like such and such car, because of the headlights/fastback/air intakes/aero." We've heard everything from the Fusion to the Beamer below to a Honda Accord Coupe. There are some similarities, but you could make that case for almost every car. 

The convertible completely takes away the fastback. 

Yeah, "DUH!" we know, we know. But it's kind of interesting just how different this car looks in the coupe. The convertible makes the car look so much longer, the cut-out body on the coupe looks much more muscular, and the change of the window shape completely alters overall package. 

The interior is probably the most improved part of the car.

Ford really amped up the level of materials and quality of craftsmanship put into this new model. It looks more solid while still looking inviting and comfy. The tech is good, too. 


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