Did you go to sleep at halftime of the Broncos/Patriots game last night? It was 24-0 at the half. So if you did, we don't blame you one bit. But you missed a few crazy things during the second half of the contest.

First, you missed Tom Brady orchestrate a ridiculous comeback that featured New England scoring 31 straight points to help send the game into overtime. Then, you missed the Patriots kick a field goal with a little less than two minutes left in OT to win the game. And finally, you missed an epic tussle between two cameramen trying to land the perfect shot of Brady and Peyton Manning as they shook hands after the game. One of the photogs went to snap the handshake, another one didn't like the way he went about doing it, and…


A punch was thrown. It was definitely worth staying up for. But if you missed it, peep the video above to catch the photographers going at it. In the end, it looks like both of them missed getting the shot they were looking for.

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[via Foster Kamer]