The Lakers have had a pretty easy week so far. They knocked off the Pistons on Sunday night and won't play again until Friday night when the Warriors come to town. So what are their players doing with their time? Well, we know what at least one of them was planning on doing. This is what Nick Young said after Sunday night's game:

Turns out, there was a good reason for that big smile. According to the Daily Mail, Young just started dating Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, a couple months after the two apparently met on—what else?—Twitter. Young christened Iggy his "Woman Crush Wednesday" back in September. Iggy responded by sending him this tweet in late October:

And the two have apparently been together ever since. They were even spotted grabbing dinner at BOA Steakhouse in Cali on Saturday night (see some flicks of them leaving the restaurant—in single file because, you know, that will fool the paps!—over here). So it sounds like Young is having one hell of a week so far…and there are still more than 72 hours left until he needs to be back on the basketball court.

We see you, Nick. We see you. But didn't you tell us that Rihanna was your celebrity crush? Hmmm…

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