Complex TV is back with another exclusive show that explores all of the questions you wanted to know about your favorite people. From the first album they ever bought to their favorite cuss words and go-to restaurants, find out what makes your favorite people Complex Individuals.

In this episode of Complex Individuals, Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young talks about his celebrity crush. He admits that he used to crush on Ciara. But now that she's shacking up with Future, he has moved on to Rihanna. "We would do real good together, I think," he says. "Real good." She has been known to kick it at Lakers games, too, so maybe he has a shot?

Elsewhere, Young also talks about the first album that he ever purchased, which was Mase's Harlem World. "That was my man back in the day," he says.

Young also discusses his Ferrari, how he wants to be just like Hugh Hefner one day, and why he loves Chris Brown's music, in spite of his aforementioned crush. He is a Complex Individual in every sense of the words.

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