The 1990s were one of the great stretches in NBA history, with some of the game’s greatest players plying their trade during this all-important decade. It was also a period of huge transition for the league, as guys like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson retired and Michael Jordan (and a slew of others) took their place as the faces of the league. It was, likewise, a glorious time to be a fan; the explosion of the sport’s popularity meant numerous national TV games, ubiquitous stars, and ample merchandising opportunities.

It was truly a great time to be a fan. You had distinct players on almost every team, many ways to rep your favorite squad, and could watch the game’s best play on TV almost every week in the featured national games. You also could be the envy of all your friends if you latched onto the coolest fashion trends, which thanks in part to ample TV advertising began to sweep the nation. While there are surely many more, here are 20 Ways to Tell If You Were an NBA Fan in the '90s.

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