If the Red Sox hadn't won the 2013 World Series on Wednesday night, 28-year-old Chad Duncan would probably still be driving his black Toyota Corolla around Boston right now. But because the Sox did win the Series—their third Series in 10 years—Duncan is out a car at the moment. Reason being, he parked near Fenway Park and his car was flipped over during the World Series celebrations that took place in Boston after the Sox knocked off the Cardinals. The Boston Globe caught up with Duncan yesterday and he talked about what it's like to have your car flipped over during a sports-related celebration.

"It's very confusing," he said. "The only car flipped in the whole city…I don't know why they chose my car. I guess it's pretty light."

It was also parked right outside Fenway, which made it easy for rowdy Red Sox fans to have their way with it. And his car wasn't the only one that was vandalized. Initially, he thought that his car had been towed when he woke up on Thursday morning. But he quickly realized what had happened when he saw other cars in the area with windshields and windows missing. So he called a local tow yard and found out that his Corolla had been totaled.

"The whole top and side is crushed," he said.

Unfortunately, Duncan is going to be out about $2,500 as he will have to pay both his insurance deductible and lease fees since he just leased the car last year. But it sounds like he learned a very valuable lesson.

"I definitely won't be parking [outside of Fenway Park] during a playoff game again," he said.

Good idea. We hope others learned that same lesson, too. Hell hath no fury like a happy, inebriated Red Sox fan.

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[via Boston Globe]

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