Year: 1990
People involved: The New England Patriots, TE Zeke Mowatt, Reporter Lisa Olson

You may have noticed in the people involved that we had to put tight end before Zeke Mowatt's name. That's because nobody remembers who the hell Zeke Mowatt is. The most memorable part of his career occurred in September of 1990, when Boston sports reporter Lisa Olson was confronted by a handful of semi-nude Patriots doing their best to get sued for sexual harassment. The boldest of the offenders was, you guessed it tight end Zeke Mowatt.

Mowatt approached Olson butt naked and said "Is this what you want? Do you want to take a bite out of this?" The world of internet porn has lied to you about what happens next. Olson gave up on her interview subject (cornerback Maurice Hurst) and left the premises, leaving the Patriots to, presumably, vent in an orgy of frustrated male sexuality. Olson was then repudiated by Pats owner Victor Kiam II who said he "couldn't disagree with his player's actions," and called Olson "a classic bitch." He then spent over 100 grand apologizing via newspapers. As for Mowatt he was fined roughly 1/37th of his salary, and retired a year later with this stain on an otherwise unremarkable career.