Just like it's been at every auto show for the past couple years, the crossover/utility segment is incredibly important in Los Angeles. According a presentation Ford showed today, the segment is up 45 percent from last year (13 million sold) and has a 17 percent share of the global industry. Ford is projecting a massive sales growth of 2,218 percent by 2017, which, if you think about it, really isn't that far away. The U.S. has maintained a heavy hand in this trend, with 1/3 of the U.S. sales currently filed in the utility category, but the new Edge Concept shows a styling that continues Ford's push into more global markets. 

Ford said that, with this new refresh, the team wanted to maintain the popular silhouette (fun fact: 47 percent of Edge buyers are women), which it most definitely did, but it wanted to make it a bit more charismatic, a bit more technologically focuses, and a body that stays off carbs and drops its water weight. 

The first exterior hints we see are the large hexagonal, three-bar grille that reminds us a bit of the EcoSport. It has attached lower-profile headlights that make it appear a little more serious, and in the rear, it has taillights that have some obvious inspiration from the Fusion, just with a little flare in the reaching light bar. The body also seems a little more premium thanks to the use of both satin and brushed aluminum and the sculpted creases along the doors that carry through the rear. 

On the interior, Ford said it wanted to create a "Dynamic Sanctuary." Although we were only allowed to lean in, not actually sit, the inside did seem more premium. A gigantic, tapered glass moonroof opened up the ride, carbon fiber accents (with copper strands incorporated into the weave), cool blue ambient lighting, and shaped and contrast stiching all take lessons from higher-level vehicles. Ford also said that the future car will have park assist (which means your car can park itself with the touch of a remote/smart phone app), and dynamic obstacle avoidance, which will anticipate and help avoid incoming objects. 

The color the car debuted in is Copper Flame, which is a richer version of the original orange it displayed at its '07 debut.