We get it. Just because you might check out Complex Rides doesn't necessarily mean your taste in music always aligns with ours, especially when it comes to Drake. A lot of guys don't fux with him, and we know that. However, the cars that surround him are pretty much always worth noting. This time it's not his hundred-thousand-dollar (or million-dollar) rides that are the stars. Set in Memphis, his "Worst Behavior" channels the southern car culture. We've pulled a few bullet points of why you might be interested. Check it out: 

He brought spinners back! 

This might just be a catalyst for jump-starting this trend again. In a video that guest starred Juicy J, whose Three 6 Mafia made the classic "Ridin' Spinners" video back in 2003, it was only right. 

This incredible classic Chevy Camaro SS: 

The racing stripes. The enormous rear tires. The blacked-out rims. SS! Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme.

This remembrance of THE KING: 

Macklemore can have his white walls. Drake is going to take pinked-out Sevilles, Devilles, DTS's, and late-model Eldorados, Elvis Presley style. 

The Marlowe's Ribs Lil' Piggy Airstream trailer: 

You can't see it, but the classic Airstream trailer even has a snout. We'd refuse to eat our BBQ anywhere else than straight from the pig. 

If you STILL need convincing, after all that, we should mention that there is a plethora of other old Box Americans and donks in the there, as well. Just watch it: