With the 2013-14 NBA season now underway, some of the year's best highlight material in sports finally starts rolling in. As each game unfolds, we'll see some nasty throwdowns, eye-popping alley-oops, no-look passes, and, yes, some of the most savage rejections we've ever laid eyes upon. During the 2012-13 seasn, we got to see LeBron have his way against Tiago Splitter in the NBA Finals, as well as Roy Hibbert in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals when he took down Carmelo at the rim.

But who will be this year's biggest victim? Only time will tell on that one, but we can guarantee you that if it looks like any of the swats we've seen in the past, then it won't be pretty. To show you guys who these future victims will be joining in the history books, we put together the The 25 Most Vicious Rejections in NBA History. Who do you think dished out the nastiest denial? Shaq or Dikembe? Shannon Brown or Nate Robinson? Take a look for yourself, and let us know in the comments. 

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