The 2012-13 NBA season is in full swing (yes a full 82 games, none of that 66-game B.S.), which means, new poster material. Any athletic baller can pull off a sick solo dunk on the break, but laying the hammer down on a defender in full flight is in a whole different atmosphere. The stare downs, the mean mugs, the eventual meme of the day after; there's nothing like dunking on somebody and the ensuing reaction. 

Starks on Jordan, Pippen on Ewing, Carter on Mourning, are some of those classic NBA moments that we're still talking about years later. Check out who else made the list of the 25 Best Facial Dunks in NBA History. 

*As implied in the title, all of these dunks occurred during NBA games. So, unfortunately Vince Carter's "Dunk of Death" from the 2000 Olympics was not included.

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